Anthony Saglimbeni, MD

Today, Dr. Saglimbeni practices pediatrics, internal medicine and his favorite field of medicine, primary care sports medicine.


Chris Chung, MD

Chris has a passion for dance medicine. He’s worked years with dancers from a variety of all disciplines.


Amy Hockenbrock, MD

Leading the U.C. Berkeley NCAA Division I Soccer team, Amy has helped with multiple playoff births from 1996 – 2000.


Elizabeth Rea, DPT

Elizabeth received her DPT in 2015 after completing her final internship with Stanford University Athletics, where she worked with a variety of athletes from several Division I teams.


Erin Isanhart, DPT

Erin has worked with individuals recovering from vestibular disorders since the beginning of her professional career.


Jon Cohen, Ed.D, ATC

Jon has worked with high schools, Division I and III colleges, professional, and Olympic teams with many athletic services.


Mark Moreno, ATC

Mark established a strong, reliable and comprehensive sports medicine department responsible for over 1100 student athletes


Ron Shinault, ATC

In addition to working with the USF Dons basketball programs during his tenure at USF, Ron oversaw the 15 Division I sports