We have a network of specialized providers including neuropsychologists, neurologists, vestibular therapists, and vision therapists that we refer to when necessary.

We Provide Coordination For
The Following:

Services Exclusively For Schools, Clubs, and Athletic Programs

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    ImPACT Subscriptions

    Take advantage of imPACT’s benefits.
    Helping resolve concussion promptly during gameplay.

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    In Depth Training

    We will show you the ins and outs ImPACT has to offer. Take care of your team with confidence.

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    Protocol Assistance

    We will teach you how to develop proper concussion procedures to administer to your peers.

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    Priority Appointments

    We promise only the best service, prompt appointments, and speedy turn around times.



Learn why it’s trusted by the pros, elite clubs, and top organizations for accurate and fast concussion treatment.

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